Nature Activity: DIY Bluebird Box

Birds are an incredibly diverse group of wildlife and are represented by more than 10,000 species worldwide. More than 900 of these species have been sighted in the United States and Canada, and more than 380 have been documented in The Natural State. The educators at Ponca Education center want to remind you that you don’t have to venture far out your backyard to find many of the birds that call Arkansas home. In fact, you can build this simple Bluebird Box to help the Eastern Bluebird make your backyard home.

Eastern Bluebird Facts

  • Present: Year-round resident
  • Description: Male has a bright blue head, back and tail with a rusty-brown throat and breast. Females have a less vibrant blue on the head, back and tail and have a buffier brown throat and breast than the male.
  • Song: Soft, slurred whistles; the call is a soft chatter.
  • Nest: Cavity nesters. They often use bluebird houses.
  • Fun fact: During the nesting season, males and females are extremely territorial. They have been known to peck at their reflections in windows, thinking them competition.