Wild Recipe: Bluegill Tacos

Mention bream in Arkansas and you’re talking about the sunfish family. Bluegill is a very common bream, are numerous and very easy to catch. They will bite just about anything – earthworms, corn, jigs, you name it. They can be found in just about any stream, lake or pond and are great to eat.

  • Habitat: Found in relatively clear, slow-moving streams, ponds and lakes
  • Preferred Water Temperature: 75-80 degrees
  • Spawning Temperatures and Time: 67-70 degrees; April-August
  • Natural/Live Bait: Crickets, aquatic insects, earthworms, maggots, and catalpa worms
  • Artificial Lures: Jigs, small spinners, plastic/hair grubs, popping bugs and insect imitations

Bluegill Tacos Ingredients: