Outdoor Skills Patch Program

Join the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission on a quest to master a variety of outdoor skills and experience a new dimension of the outdoors. The Outdoors Skills Program offers knowledge and hands-on experience to hone your skills in a variety of outdoor pursuits, including archery, conservation leadership, fishing, game-calling, hunting, marksmanship, paddle sports, trapping, and wildlife-watching. Courses are offered year-round at AGFC nature centers and education centers. Patches Track Your Progress Show off your level of expertise with Outdoors Skills Program patches. Learn the basic knowledge to earn a patch, then add a bar for each skill level you attain. Progress can be tracked by an AGFC staff member. Work your way through intermediate and advanced levels until you become an expert. Once you reach the advanced level, you will have the opportunity to become a mentor and help others learn the same skills. Team Up To Earn Achievements You will learn some of these skills in a class or education program; others require going out and doing them on your own. Since we can’t be there with you during every activity in the field, we encourage you to find a friend or expert to work with you along the way. Bring us photos of your accomplishments or get a friend/parent to vouch for you. Part of this is done on the honor system, and we trust that you will get out and enjoy the outdoors with these activities, and let us know what you have accomplished.