Outdoor Skills

Simply Fishing

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8nk-TKLpdi8&t=320s Join Kenneth Forman from the AGFC Conservation Education Center at Crooked Creek while he simply fishes with live bait.  It doesn’t necessarily take a

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Rifle Nomenclature

AGFC’s Firing Range Specialist, Tracy McDermott starts by going over the basic gun safety rules. Different types of rifles will be explained as well as

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Paddling Safety Series:#6 Paddling and Strainers

AGFC educator Karen Westcamp -Johnson continues the paddling safety series. In this installment she discusses strainers. Learn what a stainer is and how to avoid them on the water. It’s not always possible to avoid hazards in the water, so Karen demonstrates how to safely navigate a strainer.

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